Twenty Questions

This is a quiet, entertaining and instructive game. One member of the

family is given the privilege of thinking of some specific object

anywhere in the universe. The others endeavor to guess what that object

is and are only allowed to ask twenty questions in doing so. The one

who thinks of the object to be guessed, only answers the questions

asked by yes or no. It is exceptional when the object is not guessed,

no matter how difficult it may be, before the twenty questions have

been asked. Example,--the King of Belgium is selected by the player.

The first question asked by another player is, "Is it in the animal

kingdom?" This question is answered by "Yes".

Second question: "Is it in a menagerie?"

Answer: "No."

Third question: "Is it a man?"

Answer: "Yes."

Fourth question: "Is it an historical character?"

Answer: "Yes."

Fifth question: "Is he an American?"

Answer: "No."

And so the questions and answers continue. Any one has the privilege of

asking a question at any time. The one who is thinking of the subject

keeps a record of the number of questions asked. If any one has guessed

within twenty questions, he has the opportunity of thinking of the new

object to be guessed.

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