Tricks with Matches

Six matches are given to an individual and he is requested to make with

them four equilateral triangles.

The Trick--Three matches are laid upon the table, forming an

equilateral triangle. The other three are held above the three on the

table in the form of a pyramid, with the triangle on the table as a



Twelve matches are placed upon the table as herewith illustrated. Then

those trying to accomplish the trick are instructed to illustrate what

matches are made of by moving two matches.

The Trick--It is natural that the ones trying to solve the trick

endeavor to make the word "wood" out of the combination of forms, but

by taking the top match off the first square, a "v" can be made by

adding it to the third figure. By taking the right hand side off the

first square, the letter "e" can be made by adding it to the last

figure, spelling the word "love."

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