Treasure Hunt

This game is a very adaptable one and can be run in a great number of

different ways. It can be as simple or as complex as any leader may


A mysterious letter may be read to the group or a letter in code posted

where the group can see it. The contents of this letter will direct any

one to a place where he will find detailed information as to the exact

location of a buried treasure. By following instructions or working out

the code, a boy will discover a second letter in hiding, or a time

limit may be allowed to find letter number 3. At the end of that time

the information contained in the second letter may be given to the

entire group, so that all may hunt for letter number 3. This method

keeps everybody in the game. As many letters may be hidden as desired,

using the treasure as the last. This game can be used to teach

observation, trailing and tracking. Letters using identification of

trees, flowers, marks on trees, birds' nests, etc., may be used. Map

and chart reading make the game more difficult. Letters may be written

in Morse and Continental codes, or easy codes may be made.

A good book on trees or flowers, a small ax, or any useful article may

be the hidden treasure.

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