Tongue Twisters

The leader begins by saying the first sentence, which is repeated by

each player in turn. The leader in every case adds the new line, which

is repeated by the other players in succession. Anyone making a mistake

or omission drops out of the contest. As the ranks grow thinner, the

players are required to repeat the sentences more rapidly, and no time

for hesitation allowed. The one who makes no mistake is entitled to a


The sentences are as follows:

1. One old ox opening oysters.

2. Two tall Turks twirling twisted turbans.

3. Three tinkering tailors totally tired.

4. Four fat Frenchmen fanning a fainting fly.

5. Five funny farmers feeding feathered fowls.

6. Six slippery snails slid slowly seaward.

7. Seven shy soldiers shooting salted salmon.

8. Eight eccentric Englishmen exhibiting educated elephants.

9. Nine nimble noblemen nibbling nasturtiums.

10. Ten tipsy tailors toddling timidly together.

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