This is a Japanese game, and is played this way. All the children form

a line, each resting his hands on the shoulders of the player in front

of him. One child is chosen out, and is called the "catcher." The

first child of the line, or "serpent," is called the "head," and the

last one, the "tail."

The "catcher" stands about three feet from the "head" and when someone

gives a signal he tries to catch the "tail" without pushing anyone, or

breaking through the line.

The children forming the "body" defend the "tail," by moving about in

any way they choose, but the line must never be broken, as the "tail"

is considered caught if it is.

When the "tail" is caught, the "catcher" becomes "head," and the

"tail" is then "catcher," the last child in the line being "tail," and

the game goes on as before.

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