Walk backward several feet out of doors in moonlight with mirror in

your hand, or within doors with candle in one hand and mirror in

the other, repeating following rhyme, and face of your future

companion will appear in glass:

"Round and round, O stars so fair!

Ye travel and search out everywhere;

I pray you, sweet stars, now show to me

This night who my future husband (wife) shall be."


Suspend horizontally from ceiling a barrel-hoop on which are fastened

alternately at regular intervals apples, cakes, candies, candle-ends.

Players gather in circle and, as it revolves, each in turn tries to

bite one of the edibles; the one who seizes candle pays forfeit.

THE LUCKY OR UNLUCKY SLIPPER. THE MONTHS. facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail