The Grand March

Here is one way that it can be done. While the band is playing a lively

march at one end of the field which is to be used for the games, have

the leaders, who have been previously instructed, get all of the folks

lined up in couples around the field for a grand march. A couple

trained for the occasion leads the march when everybody is in line,

marching about the circumference of the field. The leaders start their

fancy marching. At one end they turn and march down the center of the

field to the far end where the couples separate, the ladies going to

the left and the gentlemen to the right. They reunite at the other end

of the field. The march continues with numerous variations such as

change of formation from double to formation of fours, marching

diagonally across the field, crossing at the middle, etc. The march

should end with the group arranged in couples around the circumference

of the field with the ladies nearest the center. Have both groups face

the center and have the ladies take one step forward and the men take

one step backward.

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