The Games for All

One American flag on a short stick is handed to the leaders of both

lines, that is, the leading lady and the leading gentleman, and at the

signal to start the flags are passed about the circle (over the head),

the ladies competing against the gentlemen to see which can pass the

flag from hand to hand all the way around the circle in the quickest

time. The race ends when the flag returns to the leader, who waves the

same above his head, indicating the close of the race.

If the group is less than 100 in number, the following game can be


A ball of string is handed to the leader of each team. Upon the signal

to start, the leaders, holding the end of the string, pass the ball to

the next one on the team, who passes it to his neighbor, unrolling it

as it goes, and so on from hand to hand, each one on the team keeping

hold of the string with his right hand. There should be string enough

in the ball to reach all the way round the circle. The ball diminishes

as it is passed along. When the ball reaches the last one in the circle

he starts rewinding the string upon the ball, passes it back to the

next one, who winds on the slack, and so the ball is passed, each one

winding until the ball returns to the captain. Each team will try to

get the ball properly wound back into the captain's hands first. No one

can leave his regular position in the line during the race. If the ball

has been properly wound, it will be possible to throw the same

twenty-five feet to the judges, who take a position within the circle

and about this distance in front of the captain. The first one to get

the ball into the hands of the judge, by means of this throw, wins the


In the next race five or six flags of the Allies are passed about the

circle in the same way. The flags are stuck in the ground in front of

the leaders. Upon the signal to start, the leaders pick up the first

flag and start it on its way, then immediately pick up the second and

start it about the circle and so on until all of the flags are in

motion. The American flag should be passed last. When all of the flags

have been returned to the leaders they run to the center of the ring.

The first one to stick the American flag up in the receptacle there

placed to receive it wins the race. (Careful instruction should be

given that the flags in being passed about the circle must be handed

from one individual to the next so that every individual passes the

flag. Throwing is not allowed.)

See chapter on Racing Games for picnic for other suggestions.

Following these passing games the group can be broken up into smaller

circles, each under the direction of a leader who has been previously

instructed in the type of game he is to give to his group. The

activities of the smaller groups are to be arranged according to the

age of the participants.

In dividing a group into smaller groups according to age, the leader

should first have all children under twelve years of age step forward.

These should be placed in the charge of group leaders. Next all the

boys and girls from twelve to eighteen should be asked to step forward

and next all those young men and women who can participate in active

games. When this last group has been called forward, those remaining

will form the fourth group.

It is difficult for one leader to handle more than fifteen individuals.

If any of the groups contain more than this number, they should be

subdivided, with a leader placed in charge of each subdivision. Try as

far as possible to have the two sexes equally divided in each group.

The games should be carefully selected in advance and the various

leaders should have been trained for their task. No active play program

for large groups should be planned for a longer period than one hour

and then frequent rest periods allowed for adults.

Games which will be found adaptable for the various groups contained in

this volume are suggested below:

For the children under twelve--Schoolyard Games for Primary and

Intermediate Pupils.

For those from twelve to eighteen--Schoolyard Games for Advanced


For the young men and women--Outdoor Games for the Older Boys and

Young Men.

For the middle-aged--a selection of games from chapter on "Games

for Picnics, and Social Games for Adults".

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