This game has been developed out of lawn tennis. A wooden pole

extending 10 feet above the surface is placed in a vertical position

and firmly imbedded in the ground. The pole must be 7-1/2 inches in

circumference at the ground and may taper to the top. Six feet above

the ground a black band 2 inches wide is painted around the pole. The

court is a smooth piece of sod or clay similar to a tennis court, but

a piece of ground 20 feet square is sufficient.

At the base of the pole a circle is described with a 3-foot radius. A

line 20 feet long bisects this circle, and 6 feet from the pole on

each side are two crosses, which are known as service crosses.

An ordinary tennis ball is used which has been fitted with a

tight-fitting linen cover. The ball is fastened to the pole by means

of a piece of heavy braided line. Ordinary heavy fish line will do.

The ball should hang 7-1/2 feet from the top of the pole or 2-1/2 feet

from the ground. Regulation tennis rackets are used.

The game consists in endeavouring to wind the ball and string around

the pole above the black mark in a direction previously determined.

The opponent meanwhile tries to prevent this and to wind the ball in

the opposite direction by striking it as one would volley in tennis.

Each player must keep in his own court. The points are scored as

"fouls." Eleven games constitute a set. A game is won when the string

is completely wound around the pole above the black mark. The penalty

for a foul, such as stepping outside of one's court, allowing the

string to wind around the handle of the racket or around the pole

below the black mark, provides for a free hit by one's opponent.

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