Suitable for Sociables and Entertainers

These stunts may be used as a means of amusement at social functions.

In order to avoid calling for volunteers to come forward to participate

in the various stunts, cards may be distributed among those who are

expected to take part in the stunt program. On these cards are numbers

or letters. The one who has prepared the program has determined

beforehand how many participants he wants in each stunt. If, in the

first stunt, he desires six participants, he will have prepared six

letter A's to be distributed. If, for the second stunt, he desires two

participants, he will have prepared two letter B's. Then when he is

ready to put on his program he calls for all the individuals holding

the letter A, etc. If there are certain individuals whom he is

particularly anxious to have take part in certain stunts, he can

instruct the distributor of the letters to this effect.

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