String Winding Race

Those seated at one side of the table compete against those on the

opposite side. A ball of string is given to the two players sitting

opposite each other at one end of the table. At the signal to go the

two players maintaining their hold on the loose end of the string pass

the ball to the players next to them. Each player must hold the string

in one hand and pass the ball on, unwinding it, as it progresses to the

next player. When the ball has reached the last player he immediately

starts rewinding the ball. When he has wound up his share, he passes it

back to the next, who continues the winding. By the time the ball has

returned to the player at the head of the table, it must be entirely

wound. The team first succeeding in accomplishing this, wins the race.

The string must be wound upon the ball and not snarled.

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