The pupils of each aisle constitute a team. The one in the front seat

in each aisle is Number 1, the one behind him, Number 2, etc.

The teacher has a number of cards upon each of which appears a letter

of the alphabet. The teacher holds up one of these letters so that it

can be distinctly seen by the pupils. Number 1 of each aisle must name

some article sold in a grocery store, beginning with the letter held up

by the teacher. (For example,--the teacher holds up the letter "F";

Number 1 of the second aisle calls, "Flour"). The pupil first naming an

article of that letter is given the card containing the letter. The

next card held up, the number 2's of each team are to name the article,

and likewise the winner to be awarded the card. The aisle having the

most cards at the end of the game wins.

The letters can be written on the blackboard if the cards are not

available for the game and points awarded to each winner. The game can

also be used with birds, animals, and other subjects in place of

articles sold in a store. This is a good game to stimulate quick


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