All the children form a circle, joining hands. One is blindfolded,

given a cane, and stands in the middle of the circle.

The children march around her, going fast or slowly until she taps on

the floor three times with the cane and says: "Still pond, no more

moving." The children drop hands, and remain perfectly still, right

where they are.

The one in the middle feels her way toward the children, holding the

cane in front of her. The first child who is touched with the cane

must take hold of it. The blindfolded one says, "Grunt like a pig,"

and the one holding the cane must grunt, disguising her voice if

possible. If the blindfolded one guesses who she is, they exchange

places, and the game goes on as before, but if she fails, she has

another turn and may tell the player to "Bark like a dog" or "Mew like

a cat" until she guesses the right one.

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