Squash Race

One crook-neck summer squash, a short stick, a piece of twine and a

strawberry basket are needed for each team in this race. The strawberry

basket, containing the squash with its neck projecting over the edge,

is placed on the distance line. A slip noose is made in one end of the

twine. The other end is tied to the end of the stick. This fish pole

arrangement of twine and stick is handed to the first man on each team.

At the signal to go he runs forward to the distance line and proceeds

to fish for the squash in the basket by slipping the noose of string

over its neck. He is not allowed to touch the string or squash with his

hand in his effort to do this. He must use his stick as a fish pole.

When he has succeeded in capturing the squash, he picks up the basket

and carries the squash swinging from the end of his fish pole to the

next player on his team. The second player, upon receiving the squash,

the fish pole, and the basket, runs forward, slipping the noose off the

squash. He places the squash in the basket on the distance line and

proceeds to fish for it as did the preceding player. Each player does

this in turn.

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