This game is similar to racquets, but is less violent or severe on a

player. It is played in a court 31 feet 6 inches wide. The front wall

must be 16 feet high. The service line above which the ball must

strike on the serve is 6 feet from the floor. Below this line and 2

feet from the floor is the "tell tale," above which the ball must

strike in play. A squash racket is similar to a tennis racket, but

slightly smaller.

In squash, a game is "fifteen up." At the score of 13 a player may

"set the score" back to 3 or 5, after which the player first winning

either 3 or 5 points, or aces, as they are called, is the winner. The

object of this is to endeavour to overcome the advantage that the

server may have.

In a regulation squash court the spectators' gallery is above the

walls of the court, and the game is played in the pit below the


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