All the players sit in a circle. One is chosen to be out. He is

blindfolded and given a spoon (a large one) with which he is to

feel. He stands in the middle of the circle, then is turned around

three times and told to guess who the first person, which he touches

with the spoon, is.

He advances cautiously until he touches someone. Then with the back of

the spoon he feels the person all over. The players must keep

perfectly quiet, disguising themselves if they see fit, as the collars

and cuffs of the men will be felt very easily with the spoon.

As soon as the blindfolded one has guessed who the player is he was

feeling, they exchange places and the game goes on as before, but if

he fails to guess the first time, or has felt with his hand instead of

the spoon he is out again and remains out, until he has guessed


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