It will be necessary for two of the players to know how to play the

game. One is sent out of the room, and the other remains inside to

take a picture of one of the guests. This is done by holding up a

spoon or some polished surface to a player's face.

When the picture is taken, the one outside is called in, given the

spoon, told to look at it, and guess whose picture it is. In a short

time she has guessed correctly, to the amazement of the guests. She

leaves the room again, while another picture is taken, is called in,

and guesses that, and so on.

If any guest thinks he can do it, he may have a trial, but he may

fail. Finally it is discovered that the one who remained inside and

took the pictures sits in exactly the same position as the person

whose picture was taken. If his feet were crossed and his hands

folded, the leader will take that position. If another person is in

that position, the one who guesses waits until one makes a change, and

thus the name may be guessed.

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