On a board or piece of cardboard, mark with pencil or ink, the design

illustrated, the size of the circles varying with the size of the


[Illustration: 4 concentric circles, numbered 20, 15, 10, and 5.]

A top may be made out of an empty spool by taking one end of it and

sticking a piece of wood, pointed at one end about an inch long,

through it. Each spool makes two tops which are spun with the thumb

and forefinger. A penny may be used to spin, in fact any small thing

that spins will do for a top.

Number the circles as in the diagram. Place the top on the dot in the

center of circle 20 and spin it. The number of the circle the top

stops on, is the number scored. If on a line it counts for the circle

next it. If outside the line of circle 5 it counts nothing.

Any number can play and any number, such as 100 or more, may be the


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