Spelling Words

Have the pupils in aisle 1 face those in aisle 2, those in aisle 3 face

4, those in aisle 5 face 6. Appoint a captain for each aisle. The

captain of one team starts spelling a word containing more than three

letters. The captain of the team facing his, adds the second letter,

not knowing what word the captain of the other team had in mind. The

second man of the first team adds a third letter; the second man of the

second team adds a fourth, each team trying to avoid completing the

word. The team completing the word loses one point to the other team.

For example, the first man of team A says "g," the first man of team B

says "o," thinking of "gold." The second man on team A says "o,"

thinking of "goose." The second man on team B can only think of "good"

and contributes "d," ending the word. Team A thereupon scores a point.

The third man of team A continues the game by starting another word.

When the ends of the aisles are reached the word, if uncompleted, is

passed to the head of the line and continued.

If there are four aisles in the room, there will be two groups playing

at the same time; six aisles, three groups; eight aisles, four groups.

The captains of opposing teams keep a record of the score.

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