In this game of leap frog various tricks are attempted by the leader,

as in the game of "stump master." Each of the boys following is

expected to do as the leader or to drop out and become "down" himself.

"Torchlight" is to jump with one hand only, using the other to wave

his cap as if it were a torch. In "hats on deck" each jumper in turn

is supposed to leave his cap on "down's" back. Naturally the last one

over may have a large pile of hats to clear. If he disturbs any of

them or knocks them off, he is "it." "Hats off" means for each jumper

in turn to take his own hat without knocking off any of the others. In

all games of leap frog it is considered proper for the jumper to

direct "down" to give him the kind of a "back" he desires.

Consequently he will say high or low back, depending upon whether he

wishes "down" to stand almost upright or to bend close to the ground.

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