In addition to the regulation "bobbing for apples," "floating

needles," and throwing the apple peel over the head, there are many

other amusements of prophecy.

In a doorway a portière of apples may be hung. Apples are strung on

strings of various lengths. The tallest guests endeavor to bite those

swinging on the longest strings stooping in the attempt, while the

shorter ones reach for those above. The one who succeeds in eating the

whole of his apple just by biting it, will never want for anything.

A horseshoe is hung in a doorway. Each guest is given three small

apples. Each in turn tries to throw the apples, one at a time, through

the horseshoe. If he succeeds in sending all three through, he will

always be lucky during the coming year.

From the ceiling suspend a large pumpkin, on whose rind all the

letters of the alphabet have been burned or painted. Twirl this

quickly and each guest in turn tries to stab some letter with a

hatpin. The letter which is pierced is the initial letter of one's


Another,--swing a wedding ring over a goblet and repeat the alphabet

slowly, the letter said as the ring touches the glass is the initial

of the future wife or husband, as the case may be.

This same ring may be suspended from the ceiling, at a convenient

distance from the floor. Whoever succeeds in running a pencil through

it while walking towards it, without stopping, is the next to be


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