Soap Bubble Battle

Two children act as captains, one of company A, the other of company B

and each in turn choose a soldier until the children are evenly divided

into two companies.

Stretch a rope or cord at a medium height across the middle of the room,

with company A on one side and company B on the other side.

Each company is provided with a basin of soap suds (a little glycerine

added to the water will make the bubbles last longer) and each soldier

with a clay pipe.

Two soldiers, one from company A and one from company B stand at arms

length from the rope and each blows a bubble from his pipe towards the

"enemy" and over the rope if he can. If a soldier blows a bubble over

the rope without it bursting his company wins a point. If he fails to

do so, his company loses a point.

These soldiers step back and two more (one from each company) advance

and blow a bubble and so on until all have had a turn. Some one keeps

the score and the company having the most points are the "victors" and

to them belong the "spoils" which consists of a tiny paper drum filled

with candy, a small silk flag or any appropriate prize.

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