The more playing this game, the merrier it will be. Send one of the

players from the room. The others decide upon a familiar proverb which

he is to guess when he returns. Suppose the one chosen is "A rolling

stone gathers no moss." Beginning with the leader and going to the

left each player in turn takes one word, thus the leader has "a," the

next "rolling," the next "stone" and so on, repeating it until every

player has a word. If the company is large two or three might have the

same word.

When the one who was out is summoned in, he counts 1,2,3; when he says

3, all the players shout their word. It will be very confusing and

hard to hear any one word, but after the second or third trial, one

word which was heard above the rest might suggest the whole proverb.

The player who is out is given five trials in which to guess; if he

does not succeed, he must go out again, but if he has listened

attentively to one or two, and has guessed correctly, the player whose

shouting gave away the proverb is then sent out and the game continues

as before.

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