Prepare as many half shells of walnuts as there are guests. In each

fasten a small candle with a drop of the wax.

Fill a tub with water, and before sailing the boats, the water should

be agitated so as to have it wavy. Two at a time may sail their boats,

lighting the candles as they are launched. The life of the owner is

prophesied by the seaworthy qualities of his ship.

If the storm overcomes the ship, the one whose it is, will be wrecked

by adversity. The ship sailing across the tub signifies a long sea

voyage, while those remaining by the side show that the person loves

home better.

If the two ships stay together throughout the trip, the couple owning

them will have a happy marriage. If they bump together, that signifies

a quarrel, and if they sail in opposite directions, each person will

lead a single life.

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