Shadow Buff

A splendid game, and one specially suitable for a large party. A sheet

or white tablecloth is first of all stretched right across the room, and

on a table behind it is placed a bright lamp. All the other lights in

the room are then extinguished, and one of the players takes a seat upon

a low stool midway between the lamp and the sheet. The other players

endeavor to disguise themselves as much as possible, by distorting their

features, rumpling their hair, wearing wigs, false noses, etc., and pass

one by one behind the player seated on the stool. Their shadows are

thus thrown upon the sheet. The aim of the seated player is to guess the

identity of the shadows as they pass before him; and the aim of the

others is to endeavor by every means in their power to keep him from

recognizing them. As may be imagined, the task of the single player is

not an easy one, the distorted shadows being vastly different from the

originals as seen before the lights were extinguished.

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