Scissors Crossed

A simple catch game. The group is seated in a circle. It is best to

have two of the company know how to play the game. One of these hands a

closed pair of scissors to the other, who takes it and says, "I

received these scissors uncrossed and give them crossed" (opening the

scissors as he says, "and give them crossed"). He passes them to the

player on his left, who should say, "I received these scissors crossed

and give them crossed"--(if they are left open; if closed,

"uncrossed"). If the players do not know the game, they will cross and

uncross the scissors in an attempt to pass them correctly. Each one is

given a turn and the game continues until some bright player notices

that the scissors are called "crossed" when they are open and

"uncrossed" when they are closed, and that the player who started the

game crossed his feet if the scissors were crossed and, if not, his

feet were uncrossed. Thus, the object of the game is to change the

words and the position of the feet in accordance with the position of

the scissors.

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