Provide each player with slips of paper and pencil. The hostess then

announces that each one is to write some question at the top of the

paper, fold the paper over and pass it to the player at the left, who

writes a noun, folds the paper over and passes it to the left again.

The players who then receive the slips are requested to write one or

more stanzas of poetry containing the noun and question written at the

top of the paper.

Allow fifteen minutes for this, then pass the papers to the left and

they are then read in turn. A prize may be given to the one who wrote

the best poetry.


Question--Where did you get that hat?


"Where did you get that hat?"

Said Shortie to Mr. Fat,

"I stole it from the Fair,

When I was leaving there."

Question--Can you dance?


"May-day! let us away!

Can you dance?

Here's your chance,

On this lovely May-day."

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