Red pills--six, take one every two and a half minutes. Will cause your

ideal to reciprocate your love.

Pink pills--four at once. Will renew your fading love.

White pills--three, taken with eyes closed. Will cure jealousy.

Black pills--three--take one between each breath. Will vanquish your


Yellow pills--sneeze, take three pills and sneeze again--repeat if

necessary. Will make you love the one who loves you.

Lavender pills--stand on left foot, place right hand on heart, take

two pills, reverse position, stand on right foot, left hand on heart,

take two pills. Will bring about a proposal--or consent to your


White powder--take with fingers crossed and eyes shut. Will make you

fall in love with the first one of the opposite sex you see.

Pink powder--take with feet crossed. Will gain consent for a kiss from

the right party.

Blue powder--take with right hand holding left ear. Will bring about

an introduction to Miss or Mr. Right.

Red powder--take with right hand on stomach and standing on right

foot. Will bring your heart's desire, providing you tell what it is.

Yellow powder-take while kneeling. Will make your rival jealous.

Purple powder--take with right hand and arm extended forward, left

foot and limb extended backward. Will bring a speedy marriage.

Black powder--take while on left knee, with left hand on top of head.

Will cause unwelcome attentions to cease.

The plasters worn conspicuously--have the following meaning:--

Worn on the right cheek--I love you.

On the left cheek--I dislike you.

On the forehead--I will be your friend.

On the nose--I am looking for a partner.

On the chin--I wish to speak to you.

At the corner of the mouth--I am willing to be kissed.

Prescriptions may be paid for with some trinket which may be redeemed

as a forfeit. A forfeit may be demanded if directions are not

faithfully carried out.

Forfeits may be demanded or omitted as desired by the hostess.

Suggestions for redeeming forfeits will be found under heading

"Forfeits" in this book.

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