Any number of persons may play this game. One is sent out of the room

while the rest choose some proverb. Then he is called in and asks each

player in turn a question. In the answer, no matter what the question

is, one word of the proverb must be given.

Suppose the proverb "Make hay while the sun shines" is taken, then

player No. 1 would have "Make"; No. 2, "hay"; No. 3, "while"; No. 4,

"the"; No. 5, "sun"; No. 6, "shines"; No. 7, "make"; etc., giving each

player a word, often repeating the proverb several times.

The answers to the questions must be given quickly, and no special

word emphasized. Often the one guessing will have to go around

several times before he can discover any word which will reveal the

proverb. The one whose answer gave the clue must leave the room next,

and it becomes his turn to guess.

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