A game played on horseback, which originated in Eastern countries and

was first played by the English in India. It has been introduced both

into England and America. Polo is a rich man's game and requires a

great deal of skill in horsemanship as well as nerve. A polo team

consists of four men, each of whom must have a stable of several

horses. These horses, or "polo ponies," are trained carefully, and a

well-trained pony is as essential to good playing as a skilful rider.

The game is played with a mallet, the head of which is usually ash,

dogwood, or persimmon, and has a handle about 50 inches long. The ball

is either willow or basswood. The principle of the game is similar to

nearly all of the outdoor games played with a ball: that of driving it

into the opponents' goal, meanwhile preventing them from making a

score on one's own goal.

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