Poem Race

The pupils having learned some poem may use it in a game in the

following way:

The pupils of each aisle constitute a team. At the signal to go the

last pupil in each aisle stands up and recites the first line of the

poem, returns to his seat and taps the one next in front of him, who

stands up and repeats the second line of the poem, sits down and taps

off the third pupil, who repeats the third line, and so the game

continues. If the poem has not been completed after the one in the

front seat has said his line, he taps the one next behind him, and that

one is supposed to give the next line and so on back. The aisle first

completing a poem wins the race.

If the poem be a very small one, words of the poem instead of lines may

be used. If it be a long one, verses instead of lines may be used.

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