Plug the Hole

The players form in a circle with their legs in a stride position,

their toes touching those of the next player. The one who is "It" takes

his place in the centre of the circle. A partner to "It" takes his

place on the outside of the circle. "It" is given a salt bag stuffed

with saw dust or an old basketball cover stuffed with rags or some

similar object. "It" endeavors to throw the stuffed bag between the

legs of any of the players making up the circle. The players in the

circle must keep their hands upon their knees until they see the bag

coming towards them. They can then intercept it with their hands but

are not allowed to move their feet. Should "It" succeed in throwing the

bag between the legs of any player, his partner on the outside may

capture it and endeavor to throw it back into the circle by the same

method by which it came out, while the one between whose legs the bag

was thrown takes "It's" place. Should "It's" partner on the outside

succeed in throwing the ball into the circle between the legs of any

player, that player takes the partner's place on the outside.

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