This is the universal game that boys play with tops. A ring six feet

in diameter is described on the ground and each player puts a top

called a "bait" in the centre. The baits are usually tops of little

value. The "plugger," however, is the top used to shoot with and as a

rule is the boy's choicest one. As soon as the players can wind their

tops they stand with their toes on the line and endeavour to strike

one of the baits in such a way as to knock it out of the circle and

still leave their own tops within the circle and spinning. If they

miss, the top must be left spinning until it "dies." If it fails to

roll out of the ring, the owner must place another bait top in the

ring, but if it leaves the circle he may continue shooting. It is

possible to play tops for "keeps," but, like marbles for "keeps," it

should be discouraged, as it is gambling.

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