Select a number of small fruit baskets, all the same size, and have a

box of checkers handy. Suppose you have five, on the bottom of one

mark 20, on another 15, on two, 5; and on the other, 0. Place the

baskets in a row on the floor so their numbers cannot be seen.

Choose sides, giving the red checkers to the leader of one side and

the black checkers to the other. One side lines up about 10 ft. away

from the baskets, the leader giving each player a checker; if there

are any left he keeps them and has the privilege of throwing

them. Each one in turn throws his checker into any basket, trusting to

luck that they fall into a basket with a number on it.

When all have played the leader turns up each basket to see its number

and counts the number of checkers thrown into it. If there were two in

basket No. 20, it would count 40; if 3 in one basket No. 5, it would

be 15; if four in the other basket No. 5, 20; and if there were 3 in

basket 0, it would count nothing. Thus the score for that side is

75. The players on the other side line up and play as the others

did. The order of the baskets must be changed by someone not of that

side, so no one knows which is which. Their score is added up.

The game continues until a certain number, 300 or 500, has been

reached. The side scoring that number of points first is victorious.

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