Any number may play this game. If there are men and women it is more


Divide the company into groups of five or six. Each group sits around

a table upon which are pins, needles and thread, scissors, for each

player but no thimbles, and strips of tissue paper, colored and white.

The hostess hands each guest a large wooden clothes-pin which is to be

dressed as a doll, using the tissue paper for dresses and hats.

All begin to work at a given signal and the hostess allows a certain

length of time for the dressmaking. There is much merriment, as it is

nearly as awkward for the ladies to sew without a thimble as it is for

the men to use a needle.

When the time is up, these doll-babies are arranged in line for

inspection. Two judges are appointed to decide upon the best and the

worst. Prizes are awarded.

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