Provide the players with pencil and paper. All sit in a circle. The

leader announces that pictures are to be drawn in this manner. First,

draw a head (either animal or human), fold the paper, pass it to the


Second--Draw a neck, shoulders, and arms.

Third--Complete the body (the former player having left two lines

below the fold of the paper).

Fourth--The skirt, trousers or legs, as the case may be.

Fifth--The feet, and if you wish to add to the fun, the last one

writes a name either of some one present or some noted person.

The papers are folded and passed after each drawing and the last time,

they are all opened and passed around to be inspected and laughed


[Illustration: A drawing of man with a cat's head, wearing a dinner

jacket, skirt, and clogs. Five folds are indicated at the neck,

mid-torso, waist, knees, and feet.]

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