Penny Wise

The players are provided with a bright new penny, a piece of paper and

a pencil. On the paper have been written the following requirements,

each player being expected to write the answers, the one having the

largest number of correct answers, winning the game:

Find on the penny the name of a song.

(Ans. America.)

A privilege.

(Ans. Liberty.)

A part of Indian corn.

(Ans. Ear.)

A part of a hill.

(Ans. Brow.)

Something denoting self.

(Ans. I (Eye).)

Part of a door.

(Ans. Lock (of hair).)

A weapon of war.

(Ans. Arrow.)

An act of protection.

(Ans. Shield.)

A gallant.

(Ans. Beau (Bow).)

A punishment.

(Ans. Stripes.)

Part of a plant.

(Ans. Leaf.)

A piece of jewelry.

(Ans. Ring.)

A nut.

(Ans. Acorn.)

A musical term.

(Ans. Bar.)

An occupation.

(Ans. Milling.)

A foreign fruit.

(Ans. Date.)

Trimming for a hat.

(Ans. Feather.)

What ships sail on.

(Ans. Sea.)

A perfume.

(Ans. Scent (cent).)

A religious edifice.

(Ans. Temple.)

A messenger.

(Ans. One sent (One cent).)

A method of voting.

(Ans. Ayes and noes (Eyes and nose).)

A Chinese beverage.

(Ans. Tea (T).)

A gaudy flower.

(Ans. Tulips (Two lips).)


(Ans. Ease (e e).)

A small animal.

(Ans. Hare (Hair).)

A term of marriage.

(Ans. United State.)

An ancient honor.

(Ans. Wreath.)

One of the first families.

(Ans. Indian.)

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