Place two small bowls on a table at one end of the room, at the other

end of the room on a table have two bags of peanuts and two knives.

The players may choose partners in any way desired. The partners play


The leader gives a signal, watches the time and keeps tally. When the

signal is given a player, with his partner, steps to the table

containing the peanuts, each takes a knife and when the leader says

"go," each places as many peanuts as he can on the blade of the knife

and carries it with one hand to the other end of the room, where he

deposits the peanuts and returns for more. As many trips can be made

as the time will allow. Three minutes is good time.

When the time is up the leader says, "Stop," and the number of peanuts

in each bowl is counted and accredited to the two players. Each pair

takes turn in playing, time and tally being kept for each until all

have played.

The list of contestants is read aloud, the partners who succeeded in

carrying the greatest number of peanuts to their bowls receive a


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