Sides are chosen among the players. Each side then takes its position,

forming a row on the floor, the leader at the end. The sides face each

other, but quite a space is left between them.

At the head of each line is placed a basket containing twelve

clothespins. Each player is instructed to hold his neighbor's right

wrist with his left hand, thus leaving one hand (the right one), free.

The leaders begin by passing the clothespins, one at a time, down the

line, each player being careful not to drop one. When one reaches the

end of the line, the last player places it on the floor beside him

until all twelve have been passed, then he passes them, the same as

before, up the line to the leader.

The side which succeeds in passing all its clothespin back to its

leader first is the victorious side. It is best to have a trial game

first, so that the players may become used to passing with one hand,

thus being able to do it rapidly for the regular game.

If a clothespin is dropped, the player who dropped it must pick it up

and pass it on. The rest must wait until it is passed before passing

any of the others.

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