This game may be played on a lawn. Four clothes baskets are required

as well as a variety of objects of various sizes and kinds, such as

spools of thread, pillows, books, matches, balls, pencils, umbrellas,

pins, and so on. Two captains are chosen and each selects a team,

which stands in line facing each other. Two of the baskets are filled

with the various articles and these two baskets are placed at the

right hand of the two captains. The empty baskets are on the opposite

ends of the line. At a signal the captains select an object and pass

it to the next in line. He in turn passes it to his left and finally

it is dropped into the empty basket. If the object should be dropped

in transit it must go back to the captain and be passed down the line

again. Two umpires are desirable, who can report the progress of the

game to their own side as well as keep an eye on their opponents.

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