The players divide themselves into ladies and gentlemen, if the ladies

predominate some must personate gentlemen, and vice versa. The

gentlemen then proceed to choose lady partners. One of the players

next undertakes to question the couples. The fun consists of the

questions being put to the lady and the gentleman answering for her.

"Do you like your partner?" the lady is asked, and the gentleman may

reply, "Yes, I adore him." Whatever the reply the lady is forbidden to

deny it; if she does, or if she answers for herself, she must pay a

forfeit. But retaliation comes, for when all the ladies have been

questioned the gentlemen's turn arrives, and the ladies answer for

their partners. "What is your favorite occupation?" the question may

be, and the lady may answer "Dressing dolls," or "Making mud pies," or

anything ridiculous that occurs to her.

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