Oysterette Race

Those sitting on one side of the table constitute team "A", those

opposite them, team "B". The two captains should be sitting opposite

each other. At one end of the table place a dish containing ten to

twenty oysterette crackers, in front of the men on the opposite end of

each line from the captain, and an empty dish in front of every other

man. The opponents having the dish of crackers in front of them are

given a spoon, and at the signal to "go" they pass the crackers by

means of the spoon from their dish to that of the next on their team.

When the last cracker has been transferred, the spoon is handed to the

next man on the team, who repeats the performance of the first. (Dishes

cannot be moved from their original position). The team first

succeeding in getting the crackers to the dish of the captain wins.

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