Other games for the Fourth are as follows: Each child is given a piece

of white paper or cardboard 6-1/2 by 3-1/2 inches in size. All sit

around a table on which are red and blue paper and a pile of stars by

each one's place. Scissors and a bottle of mucilage are handy. The

children are given a certain length of time in which to make their

flags, putting the blue field and stars and stripes correctly on their

pieces of cardboard. The one who completes his flag first deserves a


Suspend a bell in a doorway low enough for the children to reach. The

children stand about ten feet away and each in turn throws a beanbag,

endeavoring to make the "liberty bell," as it is called, ring. Those

who succeed in making it ring receive little bells as a reward.

The contents of several boxes of torpedoes may be emptied and hidden

around the room. The children hunt for them, and have a jolly time

shooting them off after the hunt is over.

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