One Step Off and All the Way Across

Two goal lines about fifteen yards apart are marked upon the playing

space. This game can be played on the road, using the opposite curb

stones as goal lines. A player is selected to be "It" and takes his

place between the goal lines. He starts the game by saying, "One step

off and all the way across". Thereupon, all the players who may be

behind either goal line, upon stepping over the goal line, must run

across the space between the goal lines towards the opposite goal. "It"

endeavors to tag the players as they run between the goal lines. Each

player tagged, helps "It" in tagging the others. After the game starts

the players may run back and forth between the goal lines at will. The

game continues until all the players are tagged. The first player

tagged becomes "It" for the next game.

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