The Olympic Games are open to the athletes of the world. The following

events are contested for:

60-metre run

100-metre run

200-metre run

400-metre run

800-metre run

1500-metre run

110-metre hurdles

200-metre hurdles

400-metre hurdles

3200-metre steeplechase

2500-metre steeplechase

4000-metre steeplechase

Running long jump

Running high jump

Running triple jump

Standing broad jump

Standing high jump

Standing triple jump

Pole vault

Shot put

Discus throwing

Throwing 16-pound hammer

Throwing 56-pound weight

Marathon race

Weight lifting, one hand

Weight lifting, two hands

Dumb-bell competition


Team race

Team race 3 miles

Five-mile run

Throwing stone

Throwing javelin

Throwing javelin held in middle


1500-metre walk

3500-metre walk

10-mile walk

Throwing discus Greek style

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