Pass pencils and paper to each guest with the following written upon


1 (A Dairy product.)

2 (A Vegetable.)

3 (A Country.)

4 (A Girl's name.)

5 (A structure.)

6 (A name often applied to one of our presidents.)

7 (Every Ocean has one.)

8 (That which often holds a treasure.)

9 (The names of two boys.)

10 (A letter of the alphabet and an article made of tin.)

Explain that the above describes ten different nuts, which they are to

guess. The nuts described are (1) butternut; (2) peanut; (3) brazil

nut; (4) hazel nut; (5) walnut; (6) hickory nut; (7) beechnut; (8)

chestnut; (9) filbert; (10) pecan. A prize may be awarded to the one

first having correct answers.

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