The one who is chosen for the "blind man" does not have his eyes

bandaged as in the old game.

Stretch a sheet between two doors and place a light, candle or lamp,

on a table some distance from the sheet. The "blind man" sits on the

floor or low chair in front of the light facing the sheet, but he must

be so low down that his shadow will not appear on the sheet.

The children form a line and march single file between the light and

the "blind man," who is not allowed to turn around. Thus their shadows

are thrown on the sheet and as they pass, the "blind man" must guess

who they are. The children may disguise their walk and height, so as

to puzzle him.

As soon as the "blind man" guesses one correctly, that one takes his

place and becomes "blind man," while the former takes his place in the

procession, and the game proceeds as before, but the children had

better change places, so the new "blind man" won't know their


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