All the players sit in a circle, the leader begins by saying, "My

father had a rooster!" The player to his left says: "A what?" The

leader answers: "A rooster!" Each player repeats this in turn to his

left-hand neighbor who asks the question, until it is the leader's

turn again.

He then repeats the first part and asks the player next to him, "Could

he crow?" The player answers, "Crow he could." This is repeated by

each player with the previous questions. The next time the leader

says "How could he crow?" The player on the left answers

"Cock-a-doodle-doo!" This goes around the circle again and when the

last one has taken part, all together say "Cock-a-doodle-doo," as a


No one is supposed to laugh during the whole game, whoever does, may

either pay a forfeit or is out of the game. It is best to have a

person who knows the game sit next to the leader, so they can start

the game correctly. The complete statements are these,

"My father had a rooster!"

"A what?"

"A rooster!"

"Could he crow?"

"Crow he could!"

"How could he crow?"


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