Number eight slips of paper with the same number. On each slip write a

part, or a line from a verse of a familiar song. Suppose set No. 1 was

a verse of "America," this is the way it would be written.

1. My country,

1. 'Tis of thee,

1. Sweet land of liberty,

1. Of thee I sing;

1. Land where my fathers died,

1. Land of the pilgrim's pride,

1. From every mountain side,

1. Let freedom ring.

Prepare as many slips in groups of eight as there are guests. Give

each one a slip at random and tell each to find the rest of his set.

When the players of one group have found each other, they stand

together in one corner of the room and practise their song. Each group

does this until all the groups are formed, and then, commencing with

No. 1, each group in turn sings its song aloud for the benefit of the


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