A blackboard and different colored chalk will be necessary for this


Give each guest a slip of paper on which is written the name of some


The leader announces that each one in turn steps up to the blackboard

and illustrates his song in the most vivid manner possible. Each

player is numbered and after No. 1 finishes his drawing the others

write their guesses on paper opposite his number and No. 2 erases the

former drawing and illustrates his song. Thus each one takes his turn,

allowing time for the others to write their guesses.

When all have had their turn the correct list is read by the leader,

the players checking their own lists. Prizes may be given to the one

having the most correct answers and to the person who illustrated his

song the most artistically.

Suggestions for songs are "Sweet Bunch of Daisies," "The Four-Leaf

Clover." "My Old Kentucky Home" may be illustrated by drawing a house

in the outline of the state of Kentucky; "Home, Sweet Home," by a

house and a jar of sweets near it; "America," by the outline of North


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